Mobile Legends: a fast growing MOBA?

Mobile Legends

Hi guys, I have been playing Mobile Legends for quite some time now. Would you believe me if I tell you that my rank in this mobile game is Grand Master II? Well I tell you that I am not a PRO in these type of games, but I am constantly playing MOBA for quite some time now. Including the early releases of Dota 1 (Defence of the Ancients – Warcraft). So basically me playing this game comes no surprise to me, I feel that I am still playing and feeling what I felt when I played Dota 1 from its earlier forms.

As of today Tencent’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mobile game is still in its early stages of popularity. Although the game on android play is around 100,000,000 in download and is also quite popular in the apple store with fairly a high rating of the mobile game.

As recently the creators of the game hosted MSC with a couple of entries from different South East Asian countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Team IDONOTSLEEP won the whole tournament against, this team from Thailand battled heavy favorites and thus regarded as the underdogs. They fought a fair even match in the grand finals against Team Solid Gaming Alpha from the Philippines.

MSC SEA Championships

MSC SEA Championships

My Final thoughts – this game may pull the rug from under their competitors. Clearly even though they are not yet a household moba mobile game in the west. Yet they are making a huge success in the South East Asian countries, with a couple of big company names partnering with them to host their events.

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