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Cora Special Quest Guide

This is a second post of my RF Online Special Quest guide. If you want to check out my first one there click here. As you may now see that the above link I added is to the Accretia special quest guide. Now let me cut to the chase and get on with it. For […]

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Accretia Special Quest Guide

This is an RF Online NPC Quest guide. I know most of you already know this, but there are also some who are new to this game. Since this game was released decades ago, the guide and content are almost gone. So I just simply tried to compile the articles that will help you ease […]

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PT Grinding in Playpark RF Philippines

PT grinding in RF is a very tedious job for every player. Veterans of RF Online knows that it is not all about the level but it is really about your characters PT. Not only that it determines the gear you can wear in game, but it also determines the HP/FP and how strong your attacks […]

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Playpark RF Online

Rising Force Online: Philippine Server revived!

Just recently Ragnarok Online Philippine server was up and millions of players who were playing the famous online game way way back. Registered and participated to the Electronics Extreme Ragnarok Online Philippines server launch. Not over a year has passed they opened up a couple of new servers to free up population of the other server during […]

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A Video Game History

Video games have been known to be in existence since the 1960’s and were simulations for research purposes. Video games made it to the commercial market in the 1970’s and have became popular form of entertainment ever since. First generation of gaming consoles emerged in the 1970’s when popular game Pong was released. Followed by […]

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Playing Balmond in Mobile Legends: My Road to Epic

It has been around four months since I have been playing Mobile Legends. In this game I am playing as Balmond a tank hero. It took me quite a while to learn the strengths and weaknesses of this hero. And at last I was able to play a couple of ranked games and actually won […]

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Mobile Legends: a fast growing MOBA?

Hi guys, I have been playing Mobile Legends for quite some time now. Would you believe me if I tell you that my rank in this mobile game is Grand Master II? Well I tell you that I am not a PRO in these type of games, but I am constantly playing MOBA for quite […]

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