Rising Force Online: Philippine Server revived!

Just recently Ragnarok Online Philippine server was up and millions of players who were playing the famous online game way way back. Registered and participated to the Electronics Extreme Ragnarok Online Philippines server launch. Not over a year has passed they opened up a couple of new servers to free up population of the other server during the first launch. Now an epic MMORPG from way way back has come back to the Philippine gaming arena, RF Online.

RF Online is different from early MMORPG as it is geared towards PVP and race wars. In the game players are immediately pitched to survive and farm PVP materials as soon as possible to compete with other players in other races in the game.

The Philippine servers of RF Online were discontinued a long time ago. But now a prominent thai-based online game publisher and operator AsiaSoft will revive the game on the Philippine gaming scenery. Through Playpark they are reviving RF Online, the early access has just ended last Dec 5, 2017.

rising force online philippine server

And well I would not let this pass as I am a hardcore fun of RF Online from since the last time I played. I registered from their portal and immediately got an account for the early access. When I logged in to the game it brought back memories from the past, what’s more is that its the official Philippine server so I feel at home playing and socializing in the game. As you may know once the first official RF Online Philippine server was closed, many private servers was out and invited players that were left out during the glory days of the game.

Luckily now that a new official Philippine Server of RF Online came, surely many gamers will flock to it. As soon as I logged for the 2nd of the early access the only lone server for the early access was busy as many gamers logged in and straight away played and relished the memories of the past.

For gamers out there who wants to play in this server, I believe it would be open soon on Singapore and Malaysia. So just wait and relax, but if you cannot bear the itch to play the Philippine server is open to other countries. The only drawback is that sometimes you would not understand the world chat because most of the conversations are spoken in “Tagalog”, the Philippine’s national language. But do not worry, if you would kindly asked in English and state that you are not from the Philippines. The players whom you are talking to would gladly speak in English for you, just ask politely.

Right now the playpark team is preparing for the CBT launch. While waiting here are some of my screenshots in the game.

(Click on the image for larger view)

rising force online philippine serverrising force online philippine serverrising force online philippine server

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