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PT grinding in RF is a very tedious job for every player. Veterans of RF Online knows that it is not all about the level but it is really about your characters PT. Not only that it determines the gear you can wear in game, but it also determines the HP/FP and how strong your attacks and defenses are.

I have played this game for quite a long time, and luckily Playpark revived the PH servers for RF Online. I was party of the early access, CBT and just recently last December 19,2017 it started its OBT access with a tagline of “No Wipe”. Meaning every character created and played during the OBT period will not be removed or deleted, altogether with its currency and items earned in game.


PT Grinding
RF Online CORA PT Grinding

RF Online CORA – PT Grinding

Now off to tips that I will share when you do PT grinding. My own rule of thumb is to always get your PT points near or the same with your character level. If your level is 10 then as much as possible your PT must be near that number. If you are a warrior then your top priority is the Melee PT meaning you have to get that to the same as your level. But it is such a pain if every level you have to get your PT up. So what I recommend is to get your PT up every 7-10 levels. So starting from level 10 you get all your PTs up (the ones that you deemed necessary) then after every 7-10 levels you increase the PT of melee, range, shield, and or defense.

It is much better to grind PT with monsters that you gain from. When you look at the image below, I increase my PT in block lunkers and arghol because they do not damage me so much but I still get the PT for shield and defense because they are still red to me (meaning the monster name is still red which you can xp or pt).

Better to stock up 1k pots and set your auto pots as low possible so that you do not waste much pots. Then lure as much as you can as possible then use the best shield you can equip and the best armor you can equip. And from there you just have to be patient, and while waiting for the defense and shield PT to get to max you might as well increase your skills doing buffs (I have another post here how to do it automatically).


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rising force online philippine serverRF Online CORA PT Grinding RF Online CORA PT Grinding

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